Previous boats named Refanut

The first Refanut

Jacob Wallenberg's first Refanut was a used R-8 (the book incorrectly identifies her as an R-10) that his parents bought from Joseph Nachmanson in 1910. It was a large, cutter type, archipelago cruiser built in 1907 and equiped with a cabin and saloon. Log books preserved from 1923 and 1924 reveal that the boat was only used for weekend excursions and somewhat longer vacation trips within the Stockholm Archipelago. (source: Jacob Wallenberg 1882-1980 by Håkan Lindgren) 

"Eight [R-]yachts were in 1907 constructed by Anker & Jensen to the new rule and among them 8mR Brand III who proved her performance in Copenhagen the same year. Brand III was sold to Stocholm. In 1914 she sails under the name Refanut with owner Jacob Wallenberg. Brand III is lately brought back to Norway and was restored for participation in 8mR WC at Hankø, Oslo, 2008. Unfortunately she did not turn up for the races due to rough weather." (source

The second Refanut

Jacob started considering a new boat suitable for racingas early as 1920, but it wasn't until 1925 that a new boat was purchased. The new boat was the 10mR Carina bought from the chairman of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, Holger Adolph. She was designed and built by Anker & Jensen in Norway in 1919. His first race with the new boat was the 1926 Visby Race. Refanut finished 5th, passed on the finish line by Ingun. On the return leg Refanut finished third. However, on corrected time (which was only reported after the return) Refanut had finished first on the first leg, second on the second and won the overall race by a considerable margin. Further successes during the remainder of the season caused stirred Jacob's competitive juices and in January 1927 he ordered a new 10mR. (source: Jacob Wallenberg 1882-1980 by Håkan Lindgren).

The boat is mentioned in KSSS year books from 1926 and 1927. It was owned by Ernst Wahlqvist from 1928 under the name Anitra and then, in 1931, by Sven Engwall as Itaka. From 1933 to 1937 the boat is listed as Citona owned by H. Nilsson in Ockelbo. (source: Sjöhistoriska Museet) She is now back in Norway under her original name, Mosk II.

The third Refanut

She was a Nicholson designed R10 built at Neglingevarvet 1927. The third Refanut was a light air boat affectionally called "den gamla sloddan" eller "the old slopper" due to her tendency to take on water in rough weather. After the new (current) Refanut was built, the R10 was sold to Jacob's nephew, Henry, who renamed her Rendez-Vouz. He sailed her until 1968 when she was sold to England and renamed Ghoster. Her current owner bought here in 1976 and brought her back to Denmark. (source)