The Competition

Throughout the years Refanut has raced against many similar and different boats. Here is but a sample of the competition throughout the years (restricted to other classic yachts of course). When I've found a good external page for the boat I simply link to that. In other cases I've created a page specifically for the yacht in question to help with the collection of information.

From the Round Gotland Race 1970. Refanut in the foreground and H15-S2 Barracuda II in the background. Photo from Till Rors, year XXXVI (1970) 14/15 p.12.

The competition Refanut has been facing through the years have typically come from three groups of boats, International R-Rules, Square-Meter rules and the "Ocean Racing" yachts of the 50s and 60s. Some of the ocean racers that frequently battled around Gotland were Ballad (1950), Circe (1950) Barracuda II (1953), Vagabond (1957), Anitra (1958), Dione (1959) and Anahita (1961).

In recent years there has been a rebirth of the classic yachts at the Round Gotland Race (although we're not actually sailing around Gotland these days). Apart from the ocean racers above the new, old competitors are R-yachts Itaka and Regina (not really an R-10, but built along similar lines) and Square-Meter yachts such as Britt-Marie (Sk95), Kerma (Sk95) and Beatrice-Aurore (Sk150).

"Old Refanut" and Itaka locked in battle on Kanholmsfjärden 1939.

Finally we have some yachts that Refanut hasn't raced against (yet) but with which she shares history through design ... some of the classic S&S yachts that came before her. As was pointed out by Olin Stephen's himself, Refanut inherits a lot from the two famous S&S 52 footers Dorade and Stormy Weather.